The Dove Company


We have had many prophetic words and encounters revealing that what God wants to do through us is unique and that Scotland itself is a linchpin for what God wants to do in the earth. This is huge and very humbling.


We are truly stepping into the unknown, we do not have a 10 year plan! We've died to our idea of ‘ministry’ and taken seriously the truth that the head of the church, Jesus Christ himself, will build what He wants in us, with us and through us.


If God can find a community of people who will let Christ build what He wants, then He will build something that this earth has never seen or experienced - He will build us into a building where He Himself will come and Dwell. 

We are supposed to experience God's will on earth as it is in heaven. The Dove Company is all about people living beyond the veil and seeing things from heaven's perspective. We must ascend into the heavenlies to see what the Father is doing (like Jesus did) and then release that on the earth as he directs us. The Dove Company will know the secret place of the stairs and the secret of all secrets - intimacy with Christ Himself.

- Stephen McKie