Andrew & Isabel McKie


Andrew and Isabel are the mama and papa of the community and have been part of Scotland Ablaze since its beginnings. Andrew was born and saved in the little village of Sanquhar after hearing the testimony of a young girl (who later became his wife). He began to faithfully attend the apostolic assembly after that. His passion for Christ grew continually and Andrew became a passionate evangelist preaching in the villages the good news of the gospel.  Andrew later became an elder in the apostolic church in Saltcoats where he remained in leadership for many years.


Isabel Mckie was converted at the age of 10 and at the age of 15 had a profound and life changing experience when the Holy Spirit and angels came thundering into her room. Since then Isabel has walked in high levels of the Prophetic and Seer realm. She has many heavenly encounters and in her later years has become very much acquainted with the courts and government of heaven.  Andrew and Isabel Mckie are the backbone of the community and their faithfulness is an example to all.