Ian Clayton in Scotland, 2009​​


​Ian Clayton, Personal Testimony​

Ian shares his personal story and witness of opening a bible for the first time at age 12. Driven by a desire to help humanity, he came through occult experiences and then with Christian friends experienced a ‘white cloud’, and saw deep love and he knew he wanted more than anything else. Ian describes how he spent years developing a relationship the holy spirit, then got to know Jesus as a brother, but it all pointed to God the father.

Ian Clayton​,​ The Tassels of God

After sharing his story, Ian goes on to teach on the Hebrew belief that ‘The kingdom of heaven is as close to me as the air that I breathe, when I turn in to it - it becomes the source of my supply, and all the names of God that supply their resources to my life become my provision.’ Tassels hung from the tallit, a shawl, a high priest garment, with colours and knots representing covenants made and names of God. As the high priest hung the tallit over somebody, it symbolised the wing of God over them, bringing the provision of God into everything they did.


Ian Clayton, ​How do ​We See

When we are born in the natural we learn to see​ and when we are born again in spirit we need to learn to see​. This can take time and practice. This is a​n​ insightful teaching on how we can learn to see in the spirit.

Ian Clayton, ​Unrolling your Scroll

​You were born to fulfil your scroll. ​Ian teaches about how to unroll and engage with your heavenly scroll. The ancient Hebrew people believed that you and I agree​d​ to what was in our scroll (book) before we ever came to earth. So ​each ​one of us has a divine purpose that we can either agree to fulfil on earth or not. This session will help you engage with that scroll as you come to realise that there is so much more for you in this life. 

​Ian Clayton, ​The North Gate & Heavenly Trading

Ian Clayton, Questions and Answers (53 mins)


For those of us who struggle to understand some of Ian’s concepts, this Q&A session gives an excellent introduction:

‘How to come to maturity.’

‘Does learning to see in the spirit require perseverance?’

‘What kind of ‘images’ do you perceive, when you are seeing in the spirit.’

‘The seven spirits and their role in tutoring and empowering.’

‘Can you meet other people in the realm of the spirit.’

‘How did you teach your children to engage.’

‘How to have spirit life normal in family life.’

‘The function of laying on of hands.’

‘How to bring in the five-fold ministry in the church.’

‘How tongues create a tabernacle.’

‘The Twelve Stones in the breastplate – how do you get them and how do you know you have them?’.

Ian encourages people to wrestle with their belief systems, and things that may be ‘outside of your box’.

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