Jess Kandulu

I moved to Glasgow in 2017. I was given a gift of a wound that opened my heart. I have walked - sometimes crawled - closely with Jesus the counsellor and healer. I regularly get wacked on 'this is my body broken for you'. By learning to see in the spirit, I have come to know that even in grief and change - there is no loss - what was true is still true. I resonate with cries for newness and restoration, I easily join shouts of thankfulness. 

To me, The Dove Company is a group of people who say it is ok to not know, to feel all their desire for more and not know what will happen next (THE most scary and exciting way to live). These guys are searching out the blueprint as they go, sensing their way forward, with no vision or outcomes in mind, just a compass. They are not into hype or drama, they have their shoes off, their eyes open, checking something on their phones and laughing... even as they reveal crazy heavenly visions. They are people who reflect a ridiculously radical way of government, they honour each other and hug each other and the rest unfolds, the collective is truly birthed through the individuals. I am honoured to be loved and nurtured by this family and this home.