Reuben Mackriell

Reuben was born in Malawi. As young as he can remember he has felt the hand of God on his life and has believed that his life was reserved for 'more'. He is an enthusiastic worshipper at heart, playing the djembe, piano and guitar. He journeys closely with Stephen McKie, learning and growing in the apostolic and prophetic office. Reubs is passionate about being a SON, engaging with heaven and growing into maturity. 

For my first Wildfire meeting, I was literally dragged along. I did not want to come, I had been away from the Lord for about year or so I was in a very bad place. As I arrived at the meeting I felt awkward, like a stranger coming into a foreign but yet there was a glow on everyone as there eyes landed on me. I felt welcomed with open arms. The worship was powerful and I just kept feeling a 'sadness' that I was supposed to belong in the midst of the company I was surrounded in yet I had withdrawn myself from it  all. Stephie Mckie came up to speak and from the moment he opened his mouth I was gripped to the heart, memories came flooding in, He spoke on God's perfect WILL Vs His permissable will. I knew in my whole being that I longed for his Perfect Will. For a long tme I had struggle with the concept of living a 'perfect' life, yet this time it was as though nothing else mattered. As he spoke about our 'scroll' I literally began to eat my scroll, I could taste it in my mouth, I didn't realise just how hungry I was. There was a point in the meeting where the Lord spoke to me in a very clear voice "It Is TIME", I saw myself approaching Jesus as I walked on this stone pathway, He was grinning from Cheek to a cheek, there was no ounce of condemnation, or even memory of my sins in his heart all he said was "It is Time my son". Ever since that meeting my whole life has changed again, I walked away from the world that I had built-up for myself and I haven't turned back since. When I look back now I realise that the Government of God and the Weight of his glory was what caused all this to happen to me. It wasn't the leaders, or the people though they were so filled with His love, I can truly say the weight of his Presence was resting in that meeting. I will no longer persue less then His weighty presence. And that was just the beginning.