December 14, 2017

This poem touched Stevie, around the time of changing the name from 'Scotland Ablaze' to 'The Dove Company'. It is recorded in the 'Ladies of Gold' by James Mahoney. 


Rapture by Francis Metcalfe


Rise up on the wings of the Dove,

Rise up at the call of love,

Rise up, up, up, up…

Up! To the courts above!

Why will you tarry here in darkness?

Why will you wander, sad at heart, –

When Jesus has bidden you,

“Rise up, My love, and come with Me apart?”

Rise up; earth’s chains are broken!

Rise up, the heavens open!

Rise up, up, up, up-

Up! The Lord has spoken!

Why do you linger in unbelief?

Why give place to doubt and fear?

Why is your spirit still reluctant?

His will to do, His voice to hear?

Rise up! What more can He say?

Rise up! ‘Tis the dawn of the day!

Rise up, up, up, up –

Up! My love, and come away!

Angels are hovering all around you,

Waiting to bear you to the Throne:

Heavenly songs float down through the spheres

To woo you in tender, loving tone.

Rise up, in joyous surprise.

Rise up, through the beckoning skies

Rise up, up, up, up-

Up! As a bird homeward flies!

Blessed is the one whom God has called

To His high and holy dwelling;

Yes, blessed is he who thus is stirred

By the voice of Love impelling.

Rise up, through ethereal spheres,

Rise up, your redemption nears.

Rise up, up, up, up-

Up! Your King appears!

Winter has departed now at last,

Flowers are appearing on the earth;

And all creation is awaiting

A restoration and new birth.

Rise up, out of earth’s dark night,

Rise up, to the courts of light;

Rise up, up, up, up-

Up! Take your rapture flight!


Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick: Volume 1 by James Maloney, 2011






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