All the Ways You're Part of Us

April 6, 2018

Hi guys, my name is Jess - I live in Glasgow. Since we launched the website about a month ago, I've been touched to see so many people making powerful choices to get involved...


I've seen people show-up at meetings, speak up at meetings, sign up for mailings, buy tickets, buy downloads, reach out with facebook messages, type up dreams and words, share youtube sermons and songs, visit new babies and do ALL THE WAYS to be part of The Do​ve Company. You are revealing God to me in your choices, your voice is loud and clear and I love to hear it. 


I've seen other people not show up, make powerful choices to go to the secret place and find substance, invest time and resources in solitude, follow protocols and prioritise their family, wait to see if they feel moved to come to the conference, stay quiet on whatsapp and maybe take a break from facebook and do ALL THE WAYS to be part of The Dove Company. You are revealing God to me in your choices, I look forward to hearing your voice when it is time.


We are a motley bunch, dotted around Scotland and the world. Each person I talk to has a different heart for what they want to see, a different scroll, even the 'leaders' prioritise their own scrolls. Right now it doesn't seem to be on anyone's scroll to upload podcasts... and noone is worried about that! People are operating at different levels - some have visions for Scotland, others have visions for cities, friends, families or it's personal. There is NO PLAN here, which is sometimes hard for my organised heart to bear (I work for the NHS as a project manager and I love my spreadsheets). Actually there is a plan - the plan is please follow your own blueprint. Amazingly, The Dove Company is emerging!


In the chats I have with you guys, one strong theme comes through. We're chasing a desire, we've glimpsed it, we've smelt it, but it's not enough - we want more. We are chasing this desire as we hide in the secret place and as we show-up. Our assignments are different, our paths are not known, but we have AGREEMENT - we are chasing the same thing - 'seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness'... you and me, 450 others on the mailing list, 600 on facebook, and the whole ecclesia.


Thank you for choosing to be part of The Dove Company, the substance you bring is precious and we see God revealed through you.









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