Ointment Heals

November 30, 2018


Ointment heals, takes away swellings of discouragement, brings peace.


When the woman opened the alabaster box it wasn’t just ointment for Jesus, it brought great healing to the woman’s soul. She was in the presence of Jesus.


Without a doubt she knew whose feet she was anointing, and the anointing was greater that came upon her because of her love for Him. She gave Him never caring what the ointment cost. He deserved the best she had, that is the reason she did what she did.


She did it amidst criticism - she shut her ears to it all and ministered to the call of God that was planted in her.


The ointment was obedience to the spirit of God. As a spirit-filled people, we should seek to be the same.


This woman shall be remembered in generations to come. Praise God a commendation to get.


John 12:3-5 (TPT)

Mary picked up an alabaster jar filled with nearly a liter of extremely rare and costly perfume—the purest extract of nard, and she anointed Jesus’ feet. Then she wiped them dry with her long hair. And the fragrance of the costly oil filled the house.


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