Making Space

February 22, 2019

At the end of 2018 my husband Graham had a dream that caused us to make a few adjustments in our lives. In the dream his mother (who is in the great cloud of witnesses) gave him a card and in it she wrote these words:


“Keep together, stay together and make space for what is about to come next year”


Graham had to confirm with me in the dream that his mother was in fact in heaven as the experience was so real. We both felt such a resonation on the words to ‘make space’ so we asked Holy Spirit to show us how and where and what to do to make this space. 


Firstly we set aside the whole month of January to be mostly at home and not to travel anywhere on ‘ministry’ or to travel across to the west coast where my family live unless there was an emergency. We did not arrange to have our monthly ‘Deeper In’ evening in Irvine and actually felt that we should change this to every second month beginning in March.


We also made practical changes in our daily routines to make space for more intimacy with Yahweh. Graham would walk me to my work then go on a 3 hour walk spending the entire time engaging with heaven. He said these times have been pivotal for him and has felt a shift within himself. For me I had started a new job and it seemed like I was busier than ever in January and wasn’t sure how I could make space but then I had a revelation on how I spent my down time at home or work and it would consist a lot with looking at social media on my phone. I’m not against social media at all but I realised I would pick up my phone on my break and automatically click on a social media app and browse  and before I knew it my lunch break etc were over and I’d just been absent minded on what I was gazing at. I was reminded of Smith Wigglesworth and how he read his small bible every 30 minutes no matter where he went, he moved in such great power and knew his God! I felt it was time to delete the social media apps from my phone and trade going on that to for going onto a bible app and reading some of the precious love letters from heaven instead. This has been a wonderful way for me to ‘make space’ and I’ve realised just how often I picked up my phone and looked at social media, but now I’m getting to feast on the best food! (Ps i do have the apps on my iPad and use them constructively but have found I’m even less interested in the browsing and more hungry and longing to get to know my Father, my Yeshua and my Holy Spirit more and more!)


There are other arenas we are working on in this journey of ‘making space’ and hope you will join us.

Shalom, Lorna & Graham




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