The Hebrew letter Shin

February 22, 2019

God sometimes manifests himself through images of fire, as a blazing torch, a pillar of fire or even a burning bush. In the Hebraic language:


Esh Oklah, El Janna


God is a consuming fire a Jealous God for our total affections, we are His beautiful obsession, a target for his bulls eye love. He has been reminding me of late he wants to be our fiery passion to bring us into the devouring embers of His presence and loving embrace.


The Hebrew letter Shin revealed its self to me in an encounter 3 years ago. The Shin meaning is the tooth, sharp, to be pierced, to sharpen, to lay hold of, not to let go, to hold onto the promises because we are his crown his prize. In the encounter a flicking flame like a hand danced across the room in front of me the only way I can describe it was the fear of the Lord, the terror of God himself. A mans head appeared amongst Orange, yellowy burning moving flames, I heard a voice say “run into the fire don’t shy away, run onto the fire, I Am will change you by fire” Exodus 3:2 NASB The angel of the Lord appeared to him (Moses) in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.


The realisation the Lord himself had appeared to me in the flames, to show us we are the messengers of His face, no veil between us, unbridled glorious habitation, face to face encounter in the kingdom realms resulting in us becoming one with His living breathing breath, the oracles of His mysteries. I was allowed to see many people that day in a meeting embrace the burning heart of a love sacrifice unto God.


The invitation still stands today to be the reflection of His love and grace, Papa God occupying the house when people look upon His face!



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